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Culinary Workshops At The Boathouse

Culinary Workshops At The Boathouse
 Thai food, with its ravishing flavors, lightness and beauty, has become
 so popular abroad in recent years that many people would like to
 learn how to prepare these wonderful dishes themselves. In response 
 to this demand The Boathouse on Phuketís Kata Beach has established
 regular Thai cooking classes under the direction of Executive Chef 
 Tamanoon Punchun.  the classes encourage participation by the
 students. Each recipe demonstrated in class has been selected for
 ease of preparation and adaptability to western kitchens. Chef
 Tamanoon coaches the class through each step and explains the 
 processes of Thai culinary techniques in English. Guests actually obtain
 Ďhands-oní experience making each of the dishes. The recipes are
 Chef Tamanoonís own with the two day, complete course featuring:
 The Boathouse certificate, The Boathouse apron and delicious
 memories. The Thai cooking classes are followed by a leisurely lunch 
 where students can taste their own creations while relaxing in our
 famous restaurant which is situated directly on spectacular Kata beach. The Boathouse culinary workshops are 
 open to everyone. For more information please contact our Sales Office
 Address: BAN ING NAM Health Resort & Spa 14 Moo 3 Klong Phra Udom,Pakkred, Nonthaburi, 11120
 Tel:        (66) 2 9627750-2
 Fax:       (66) 2 9627753
 Lessons: Held every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs, Appetizers and salads on Saturday Main 
              courses and dessert on Sunday
 Price:     Guests of The Boathouse will receive a Baht 200 discount in the price. The total cost of the two day 
              course, per person, is Baht 2,400.- inclusive of service charge and taxes. The price is subject to change
              without notice. It is possible to attend one session only at Bath 1,500.-net with lunch. Also participants' 
              spouses or friend are encouraged to join in the lunch. A small supplement of Bht 600.-net is charged
              per person.

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