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THAI SELECT : The sign of authentic Thai cuisine
Thai cuisine takes pride in its rich heritage, practiced as an art and handed down from generation to generation. It is known for the harmonious blend of flavors created by different ingredients, various cooking styles, and the enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices such as coriander, lemongrass, Thai basil, shallots, galanga, tamarind and of course, chilies, "Nam Pla” or fish sauce, palm sugar and shrimp paste are staple ingredients in Thai cuisine which impart a unique character to every Thai dish. Whether in a curry, spicy soup, savory salad, or sweet dessert, the competing and complementing flavors create a harmonious blend that once tasted will never be forgotten.
Since 1960s, Thai cuisine had become well-known worldwide. Currently, there are approximately 15,000 Thai restaurants around the world. However, due to its huge popularity, many restaurants overseas try to attract customers by naming their places "Thai restaurant” or serving Thai food. Many of them do not even have Thai food in their menus.
Recognizing this situation and the importance of maintaining high standard and quality of Thai food, the Royal Thai Government has therefore launched the "Thai SELECT” program to certify and promote real Thai cuisine around the world. It is a seal of approval granted to Thai restaurants overseas that serve authentic Thai food, and later, in 2012, expanded to include local Thai restaurant and ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook processed Thai food. The objective of the program is to increase the recognition of quality Thai restaurants and ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook processed Thai food products as well as to encourage Thai restauranteurs and food producers to raise their quality while maintaining authenticity.
The certification of Thai SELECT restaurant is divided into two categories based on decoration and service excellence :
- Thai SELECT PREMIUM indicates a degree of excellence of 5-star or higher. The label is granted to restaurants that offer authentic Thai food of premium quality with luxury decorations and outstanding services.
- Thai SELECT indicates a degree of excellence of 4 to 5-stars, awarded to restaurants serving fine authentic Thai foods.
In fact, Thai SELECT does not only certifies food, but also include hospitality and atmosphere of the restaurant. Chefs must be carefully trained in the preparation of bona fide Thai meals. Receiving this prestigious award is not easy; the bar is set high and the guidelines are strict. Still, through training and inspections, high standard Thai Restaurants worldwide have achieved this distinction. To date 1,301 restaurants overseas have received this prestigious award whereas .
So anywhere you travel, look for the stamp of approval "Thai SELECT". It assures you that delicious Thai cuisine is being served in a pleasant atmosphere, and with the famous Thai smile. It's not just a meal; it's a journey into Thai culture.
" Look for AUTHENTIC THAI CUISINE, look for Thai SELECT. "

Qualification of Thai SELECT candidate
1. Thai restaurant overseas
2. Ready-to-eat and/or ready-to-cook processed Thai food manufacturer.
For Thai Restaurant overseas, there must be at least 60 percent of Thai food in their menus.

1. Complete the application form and prepare accompanying documents.
2. Submit an application form with required documents at the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) or Thai Trade Center overseas - a branch of the Department of International Trade Promotion, Thailand. (see for more information about the nearest Thai Trade Office) or apply online through
3. Application will later be assessed by the committee of qualified representatives from DITP. At this stage, the DITP's representatives will sometimes visit the applicant’s restaurant without any prior notice, and evaluate from the dining experience.

Thai SELECT dishes
As of now, there are 29 as followed;
1. Phad Thai (Thai Fried noodle with crushed peanut and bean sprout)
2. Gang Phed Ped yang (Red curry with roasted duck)
3. Tom Khaa (Galangal coconut milk sour soup)
4. Satay
5. Tom Yum Goong (Tom yum soup with prawn)
6. Gaeng Keow Wan (Green Curry)
7. Phanang (Mild red curry)
8. Phad Ga-praw (Stir-fried meat with chilli and basil)
9. Gai Hor Bai-toey (Deep-fried chicken wrapped in pandanous leaf)
10. Tod Mun Pla (Fish cake)
11. Yum Neua (Spicy beef salad)
12. Som Tum - Gai Yang (Green papaya salad with Grilled chicken and sticky rice)
13. Khaw Thung Nar Tung (Fried rice cracker with Coconut cream dip)
14. Gratong Torng (Golden cup)
15. Gai Phad Med Ma-muang Himmaphan (Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts)
16. Mussaman curry
17. Tom sab (Northeastern-style spicy light soup)
18. Soop Nhor-mai (Bamboo shoot salad)
19. Gaeng Aom (Northeastern-style spicy thick soup)
20. Khao Soi (Northern-style curried noodle soup)
21. Gaeng Hung-lay (Hung-lay curry)
22. Num Prik Aong (Northern-style tomato dip)
23. Phad Sator (Stir-fried bitter bean with prawn)
24. Gaeng Tai Pla (f Southern-style fish kidney curry)
25. Khao Yum (Southern-style rice salad)
26. Gluay buad chee (Banana simmered in coconut milk)
27. Bua-loy Kai-wan (Rice ball in sweetened coconut milk with sweetened poached egg)
28. Tubtim Grob (Mock pomegranate in light coconut syrup)
29. Khao niew Ma-muang (Sweetened sticky rice with Mango)

Eventhough there are 29 Thai Select dishes for the committee to choose to approve how authenticity of the dish, it is not necessary for them to have all those on the menu.

1. Support for participation in the Thai SELECT Activities in Thailand International Trade Fairs, such as Thaifex.
2. Invitation to attend international trade fairs in Thailand, annually.
3. Support for public relations/advertisements in general in both international and domestic media (according to DITP plan and budget allocation)
4. Opportunity of participate in development and promotional activities organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion.

Validity of the Thai SELECT Seal
Three years from when they are first received or renewed. These can be renewed at the same Thailand Trade Office when first applied.

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