Lime juice or Num Manao

a kind of fruit The fruit has a very sour taste. Classified in the genus Orange (Citrus) green fruit, when ripe, will be yellow, peel thin, with flesh divided into very moist petals. It is a valuable fruit. It is commonly used as a seasoning. It is also considered nutritious and medical.

The lemon fruit is generally about 4 – 4.5 cm in diameter. The lemon tree is a low shrub. About 5 meters tall, the stem has a few thorns, often with slender leaves, slightly elongated leaves, resembling orange leaves, and the flowers are white and yellow. It usually bears fruit all year round. But during the dry season, there will be less fruit and less water.

Lemons are native to Southeast Asia. people in this region know and has been taking advantage of lemons for a long time Lemon juice is used to flavor sour in many types of food. It is also used as a drink mixed with salt and sugar as lemon juice, which is well known in Thailand. and abroad around the world In addition, some alcoholic beverages are popular with lemon slices. plugged into the rim of the glass to use for flavoring

In lemon fruit, there is 7% essential oil, but the smell is not as pungent as bergamot. Lemon juice is therefore useful as an ingredient in cleansers, fragrances, and aromatherapy. (aromatherapy) or dishwashing liquid key features but only recently found out (around the 19th century) is the prevention and treatment of scurvy. which used to be a problem for mariners for a long time Later it was discovered that the reason why lemons can help prevent scurvy. Because lemons contain a large amount of vitamin C.

Lemons contain essential oils that give a refreshing scent. Because it contains substances Citronella. (Citronellal), citronellyl acetate (Citronellyl Acetate), limonene (Limonene), Linalul (Linalool), Terpeneol (Terpeneol), etc., including citric acid. (Citric Acid), Malic Acid (Malic Acid) and Ascorbic Acid (Ascorbic Acid), which are considered fruit acids (AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acids). peeling away while stimulating the creation of new cells Helps fade dark spots or scars

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