Tamarind Juice or Num Makum Piek

One of the secrets of deliciousness Many of the Thai dishes come from tamarind juice, whether it's making spicy sauce, papaya salad, or northeastern food. including various curry menus that must use the sweet and sour taste of the tamarind juice to enhance the taste Tamarind juice is therefore considered a staple in every kitchen that should have in every home.

Ingredients Tamarind Juice
- Tamarind 300 g.
- 1,200 ml of water

How to boil tamarind juice
1. Put the tamarind in a container to boil. Fill with water until it floods. Turn on the gas stove.
2. Use medium heat, wait until the water is boiling, stir until the tamarind is split apart, reduce the heat and continue to boil. It takes about 10 minutes until the tamarind is completely dissolved.
3. Bring it up and filter it in a sieve very often.
4. Then pour it into another container by pouring it from the top first.
5. Let the tamarind juice cool completely. Pour into a glass container and refrigerate.

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