Chilies or Prik

It is a plant in the family Solanaceae, genus Capsicum. The English name Chilli peppers, chili, chile or chilli comes from the Spanish word chile. These names usually mean small peppers The larger, lighter peppers are called Bell Peppers in the United States, Peppers in England and Ireland, capsicum in India and Australia, and Paprika in many European countries. Which today has been planted in many countries around the world. Because chili is an important spice and also has medicinal properties.

Chili peppers are high in vitamin C, a source of ascorbic acid. It helps to expand the blood vessels in the intestines and stomach for better absorption of food. help the body excrete Waste and bring nutrients to the tissues of the body (tissue) for fresh chili peppers and Thai chili peppers. Contains 87.0 - 90 mg / 100 g of vitamin C. Peppers are also high in beta-carotene or vitamin A (fresh paprika 140.77 RE).

Chillies also contain two other important substances, Capsaicin and Oleoresin, especially Capsaicin, which is used in the food industry. and therapeutic products In America, there is a product called Cayenne that kills stomach bacteria. Capsaicin also has a spicy flavor. Reduce pain in muscles, shoulders, arms, buttocks, waist and other parts of the body and there are products sold as lotions and creams (Thaxtra - P Capsaicin), but the use in excess. It may also have an impact on muscle function disruption. For safety reasons, the USFDA has determined that the substance can be used at a concentration of 0.75% for medicinal purposes.

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