Red Curry paste or Prik Gaeng Daeng

Red curry paste
Red curry paste or as we call it red curry paste Consists of large dried chilies, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime skin, coriander roots, onions, garlic, shrimp paste and spices such as coriander balls, cumin, served in coconut milk curry. Called 'Red Curry', its identity is red curry paste. It breaks but the oil doesn't separate into layers. Mellow flavor, less spicy than green curry. because using dried chili (Green curry uses fresh chili) Red curry is often eaten with salty things such as salted fish, salted meat.

If red curry paste is brought to a curry without coconut milk, it is called 'Kaeng Pa'. Curry is popular with meat such as pork, chicken and wild animals such as wild boar, quail. The spices in red curry paste will help deodorize the meaty smell as well. Kaeng Pa soup is not clear, but not thick, salty, spicy, fragrant Krachai aroma.

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