Shrimp Paste or Kapi

Shrimp Paste or Kapi
Kapi was invented by fishermen. who want to pickle shrimp caught for eating for a long time So I made a pickle. no matter what the assumption but the fact is Shrimp paste is a South East Asian recipe. which at present Shrimp paste has become part of the food culture. and generate income for various communities from the production of shrimp paste for sale

Ever: Shrimp Paste
The southern part of Thailand is called Kapi. There are 3 types.
1. Koi Kung is salted with krilled shrimp for 1 night and then dried in the sun. Bring to grind or mill thoroughly. and sunbathing again Then put them in baskets or baskets with banana leaves for another 7 days and then store them to eat.

2. Koi Pla is a shrimp paste made from freshwater fish. The most famous is Koi fish from Thale Noi. making shrimp By cutting the head of the fish and scraping off the scales before marinating with salt.

3. Kep sweet shrimp, made like ever shrimp but pounded thoroughly and dried in the sun three times. The last time pounded together with brown sugar.

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