Thai SELECT Italy goes Digital !
Post on Sep 06, 2021
From July to September 2020 the COVID-19 still continued in Western Europe. Thai Trade Center in Milan, Italy seized this opportunity to conduct a public relations campaign to promote marketing, positive image of Thai food products and 8 Thai SELECT restaurants as well as Thai SELECT logo -- receiving an overwhelming welcome from online channels and activities.
Food Safety Certification for Thai SELECT restaurants
Post on Sep 06, 2021
In 2020 when COVID-19 was of concern, Canada put an emphasis on food safety by posting a regulation that every restaurant operator be trained and certified before one could run his business in the country. Thai Trade Center in Vancouver, Canada saw this as an opportunity to create confidence for Thai SELECT restaurants among the Canadians and thus conducted a 'Food Safety Training' project to enhance potentiality of Thai entrepreneurs so that they can operate their restaurants there.
Thai SELECT South Korea Goes Digital
Post on Sep 06, 2021
During April - July 2020 while Covid-19 was in a state of concern in South Korea, Thai Trade office in Seoul organised two digital campaigns to promote Thai SELECT logo and Thai SELECT restaurants. For the first campaign, 10 online videos introducing 10 Thai SELECT restaurants were created. In doing so, Thai character "Shewsheep" was introduced to Korean audience and the campaigns have created over 300,000 views for video contents.
Thai SELECT Hong Kong goes Digital !
Post on Aug 16, 2021
During the time of May to August 2020, COVID-19 was still of concern in Hong Kong. Thai Trade Center in Hong Kong saw this period as an opportunity to promote marketing, positive image and restaurants of Thai SELECT, according to the 'Thai Kitchen of the World' strategy via online channels. This received a very warm welcome from 10 Thai SELECT restaurants, mobile applications, social and outdoor media as well as Hong Kong consumers.
Thai SELECT Canada Goes Digital
Post on Jun 28, 2021
Thai SELECT Canada Goes DigitalDuring March - September 2020 while Covid-19 was in a state of concern in Canada, Thai Trade office in Vancouver organised digital campaigns to promote Thai SELECT logo and Thai SELECT restaurants by collaborating with Chef Pailin or Khun Pailin Chongchitnant, creating over 150,000 views for video contents and reaching 50,000 target audience.
Thai SELECT Promotional Campaign in USA
Post on May 05, 2021
Overseas DITP Offices : USA Thai Trade offices in the USA - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami - collaborated to organise numerous digital campaigns to promote Thai SELECT logo and Thai SELECT restaurants, creating a total of 19.2 impressions and reaching 3.2 target audience. During March - September 2020 while Covid-19 was in a state of concern, 4 Thai Trade offices initiated 14 digital campaigns to build more awareness and drive more businesses to Thai SELECT restaurants when dining-in was a challenging option for consumers.
Thai SELECT Goes Digital in Taiwan
Post on Apr 19, 2021
In 2019, the total value of food business in Taiwan was worth 669,500 million TWD, an enormous business opportunity. Considering 5% of this fell into food delivery category, there was a great potential to grow. Later in 2020 when Covid-19 global pandemic occurred, consumer behaviours changed tremendously. They preferred ordering food to their home. Thai SELECT restaurants in Taiwan therefore had to adapt to survive.
Thai SELECT Campaign in UK
Post on Mar 30, 2021
Amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic situation, Thai trade offices in different regions worldwide have adapted on how to conduct Thai SELECT events and activities. Digital media has played an important role in promoting Thai SELECT image and the certified Thai restaurants through several marketing campaigns.