DITP Postpones Thai SELECT Contest to 2022

Monday, September 20, 2021

Mr. Nantapong Chiralerspong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), said that amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, the DITP decided to postpone the Thai SELECT Contest in the category of Thai Ready-to-Eat Products, originally planned for September 9-10, 2021, to be held next year in March. The contest, which requires cooking demonstrations to showcase different Thai food products, including savoury foods, curry pastes, dipping sauces, and desserts, cannot be organised via an online platform as the judges need to taste and evaluate the authenticity of the Thai flavours. Also, with the fact that the event would draw a large number of people, even with the Covid-19 preventive measures in place, the DITP decided to postpone the contest to next year to avoid any risks associated with the Covid-19. Further information about the contest and the application process will be announced on websites www.ditp.go.th and www.thaiselect.com soon.

For the Thai Ready-to-Eat Products, the certification is divided into three sub-categories: Ready to Serve/Ready to Eat Products, Ready to Cook Products, and Dipping Sauces.  All products competing for this category are judged on: taste, quality and innovation, preparation and cooking process, production standard, and food packaging. The judging committee comprises representatives from leading organisations from the public and private sectors, namely the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP); the Department of Agriculture (DOA); the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the Food Processing Industry Club – The Federation of Thai Industries (FOODFTI); the Thai Food Processors' Association (TFPA); the National Food Institute (NFI); Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA); as well as Thai cuisine experts.

With the Thai SELECT Certification, operators will have chances of being selected to showcase their certified products at trade exhibitions at no cost, participate in promotional activities in Thailand or overseas, and engage in the DITP's public relations activities where appropriate. The certified products will be listed on the Thai SELECT official website and mobile application.

Until now, 603 Thai Ready-to-Eat food products from 54 companies have been awarded the Thai SELECT Certification. Leading brands certified in this category include Roi Thai by Ampol Food Processing Co Ltd, Prung Dee by Arcadia Foods Co Ltd, Vanusnun by Chiang Mai Vanusnun Co Ltd, Chua Hah Seng by Chua Hah Seng Food Product Co Ltd, Thai Dancer by Food Specialize Co Ltd, Lobo by Globo Foods Limited, Hale's Blue Boy by Hale's Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd, Pantainorasingh by Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co Ltd, and Mae Ploy by Theppadungporn Coconut Co Ltd.