DITP steps forward to promote ready-to-eat Thai food products globally

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

MrSomdet Susomboon, Director General of the Department of International Trade Promotion or DITP, said that Thai food is listed among the top export categories that contribute to Thailand's strong export performance. Also, food seasoning products show great potential and generate continued growth of export value. In recent years, global demand for ready-to-eat food products has been rising due to a busy lifestyle as consumers prefer quick and easy-to-cook meals with various flavors. The growing demand enhances opportunities for exporters of ready-to-eat food products in Thailand as the reputation of Thai cuisine has already well established across the globe. Meanwhile, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, consumption of ready-to-eat food is on the rising trend, especially in the US and China. With the new normal, people tend to spend more time at home and prefer home-cooked meals.

“In 2012, the DITP launched the Thai SELECT Products Symbol, a certification that enhances consumer confidence and promotes recognition of the quality and authenticity of traditional Thai recipes. The campaign strives to elevate the standard of Thai food products, solves the limitation of Thai food ingredients in Thai restaurants overseas, and enhances opportunities for Thai food exporters to expand businesses in the global arena. Until now, 605 Thai food products from 54 companies have been awarded the Thai SELECT Products Symbol, while the DITP continues to certify and award qualified Thai food products every year.

Over the past years, applicants for the Thai SELECT Products certification have employed technologies in food processing and packaging to create attractive products and respond to the needs of the Next-Gen consumers. These food products include sweet and savory meals, instant curries, and dipping sauces, prepared with proper ingredients in the traditional Thai cooking style and portray Thai cuisine's identity. Sample menus include Ready-to-Cook Rice Noodles with Green Curry, Tom Yum Paste with Ingredients and Rich Coconut Milk, Frozen Khao Tom Mud (Steamed Sticky Rice with Banana), Freeze-dried Seafood Dipping Sauce, to name a few.”

Also, the overseas Thai Trade Centers (TTC), under the supervision of the DITP, have been stepping forward to raise awareness of the ready-to-eat Thai food products through different channels including public relations and marketing activities to attract buyers and importers and in-store promotions. Moreover, the offices continue to promote Thai SELECT restaurants, encourages these restaurants and consumers to use Thai SELECT Products as their cooking ingredients.

Besides the overseas market, domestic consumers can also find the Thai SELECT Products at shops or supermarkets in Thailand. Leading brands with Thai SELECT Products include Roi Thai, Blue Elephant, Lobo, Roza, Pumpui, Pantainorasingh, Nautilus, Maepranom, S&P, and Aroy-D.

“Thai food is renowned worldwide for its unique and distinctive taste cooked with ingredients that are good for health and combines a variety of complex flavors. The promotion of Thai SELECT Products overseas helps create sustainability in Thai food demand, supporting the expansion of Thai food exports worldwide. The endeavor also enhances Thailand's status as the Kitchen of the World - a major food producer that supplies food-related products and services as well as agricultural products to overseas buyers, which is also in line with the Thai government's  policy,” said Mr. Mr. Somdet.