Thai SELECT Campaign in UK

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic situation, Thai trade offices in different regions worldwide have adapted on how to conduct Thai SELECT events and activities. Digital media has played an important role in promoting Thai SELECT image and the certified Thai restaurants through several marketing campaigns.

The adaptation also occurred in the UK. Last year, Thai Trade office in London created campaigns to build awareness of Thai SELECT logo, Thai food, and Thai SELECT restaurants through digital media. The feedback was overwhelming. Let's take a look at each campaign.

Campaign 1 : Promoting Thai SELECT and Thai food through Social Media

Thai Trade office in London utilised its Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - under 'Thailand Kitchen to the World UK' account to promote Thai SELECT restaurants in the UK. Selected 'Ready-To-Serve' products and Thai dishes were also promoted in this campaign. The office invited celebrity chefs - Chef Andy Oliver from Som Saa (Thai SELECT Signature restaurant), and two Thai celebrity chefs - Chef Yui Miles and Dr. Nawamin Pinprathomrat from MasterChef UK 2019 competition, to co-create 12 Thai dishes e.g. Nam Tok with Fried Salmon, Fried Prawns with Nam Prik Pao, and Fish Cake. The recipes of these dishes were distributed to food lovers with recommended ingredients and where to find them. The campaign also featured 'Products of The Week', which included food products, dipping sauce, and Ready-To-Serve products. List of physical and online stores where we can find these products were also introduced. Lucky draw has been conducted with prizes supported by Thai SELECT restaurants and Thai SELECT product producers. The campaign created high audience engagement and reached more than 120,000 food lovers all over the UK.

 Campaign 2 : Thai Cooking Demonstration through Live Streaming

Chef Yui Miles, Dr. Nawamin Pinprathomrat, as well as 4 other chefs from Thai SELECT restaurants were invited to join the campaign. The participating restaurants were Pad Thai Restaurant, Som Saa Restaurant, Simply Thai Restaurant, and Rosa's Thai Cafe. Thai cooking demonstration were conducted 14 times through live streaming. The selected dishes included Num Tok with Fried Salmon and Beef Massaman Curry. The video contents from these sessions, food recipes, ingredients, and recommended stores were further promoted through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Food articles were also created and distributed through different media in the UK.

 Campaign 3 : Thai Cooking Online Competition

Thai Trade office announced the application for Thai Cooking Online Competition. The contestants needed to create their own Thai dishes from recommended ingredients e.g. rice, coconut milk, curry paste, and num prik pao. The ideas and related photos were sent via social media platforms. Out of 79 contestants, 15 finalists were selected and their contents were posted on social media for votes. Finally, Chef Marnie won the competition with her 'Lime & Garlic Steamed Sea Bass'. These 3 campaigns reached over 1.2 million people, boosting the social fanbase up by five thousand. Most importantly, the campaigns brought more customers to Thai SELECT restaurants.