Thai SELECT Hong Kong goes Digital !

Monday, August 16, 2021

During the time of May to August 2020, COVID-19 was still of concern in Hong Kong. Thai Trade Center in Hong Kong saw this period as an opportunity to promote marketing, positive image and restaurants of Thai SELECT, according to the 'Thai Kitchen of the World' strategy via online channels. This received a very warm welcome from 10 Thai SELECT restaurants, mobile applications, social and outdoor media as well as Hong Kong consumers.


In creating awareness of Thai SELECT restaurants in Hong Kong, communication pieces were distributed The Standard newspaper, Eatigo and Uber Eats applications and social media i.e. Facebook and Instagram as well as 60 taxis. As for Eatigo, consumers would receive up to 50 Hong Kong dollars. Interesting numbers include that Eatigo’s revenue grew 15.10% from May to June 2020 and Uber Eats’ delivery service business grew 42.63% during the whole project period.


This project was considered quite successful -- creating confidence and promoting sales for Thai SELECT in Hong Kong in the time that consumer behaviour had changed. That Hong Kong people, particularly teenagers and adults, consumed more Thai food would likely be an opportunity for Thailand to extend the exportation to Hong Kong in the future.