Thai SELECT Italy goes Digital !

Monday, September 6, 2021

From July to September 2020 the COVID-19 still continued in Western Europe. Thai Trade Center in Milan, Italy seized this opportunity to conduct a public relations campaign to promote marketing, positive image of Thai food products and 8 Thai SELECT restaurants as well as Thai SELECT logo -- receiving an overwhelming welcome from online channels and activities.

The online media had 438,000 viewers from Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts and Facebook. Besides, articles are distributed on food-related website and on 10 Influencers' channels.

The demonstration of Thai SELECT food by 2 Thai SELECT restaurants -- Baijarong Restaurant and Thai Firenze Restaurant -- made an impression on Italian consumers. Lots of people would like to participate in the events at the 2 restaurants; however, according to a 1.5-metre physical distancing measure, each restaurant could host just approximately 20 attendees. There were 40 participants altogether. Thai Chokdee restaurant obtained the most positive feedback from the public relations – resulting in many more customers.

This public relation was quite successful -- creating awareness and trial of Thai SELECT food at Thai SELECT restaurants and via food delivery service. Some Italian consumers also started to cook Thai food after these activities.

Please stay tuned for Italy's update this year.