Thai SELECT Promotional Campaign in USA

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Overseas DITP Offices : USA Thai Trade offices in the USA - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami - collaborated to organise numerous digital campaigns to promote Thai SELECT logo and Thai SELECT restaurants, creating a total of 19.2 impressions and reaching 3.2 target audience. During March - September 2020 while Covid-19 was in a state of concern, 4 Thai Trade offices initiated 14 digital campaigns to build more awareness and drive more businesses to Thai SELECT restaurants when dining-in was a challenging option for consumers. Here are our brief information :

Campaign 1 : Kitchen Quarantine Thai SELECT restaurants shared their online videos about Thai cooking during Covid-19 period. 18 restaurants participated.

Campaign 2 : Live Cooking 4 Food Influencers collaborated with 4 Thai SELECT restaurants in promoting Thai Food, creating almost 240k impressions.

Campaign 3 : Restaurant Webinar 3 online webinars were conducted with food gurus who shared their knowledge for restaurant owners; for example, how to apply for a small business loan.

Campaign 4 : Time for Thai 21 Thai SELECT restaurants posted contents with captions via their online channels.

Campaign 5 : Public Relations via Printed Media Press Releases, Email Blasts, and Media Covertages created over 22 million impressions. Campaign 6 : Promoting Thai SELECT via Facebook and Instagram The campaign boosted the number of Facebook followers to 24,198 and Instagram followers to 1,803.

Campaign 7 : Influencer / Blogger Marketing Influencers / Bloggers experienced Thai food at Thai SELECT restaurants and posted online contents, creating almost 1 million impressions.

Campaign 8 : YouTube Food Challenge 4 famous YouTubers encouraged their follower to vote for favourite Thai SELECT restaurants. The restaurant with most votes will have digital review contents created by the YouTubers. This campaign created over 800k impressions.

Campaign 9 : Thai SELECT Restaurant Week Thai SELECT restaurants' customers checked-in and posted photos on their Instagram / Twitter for a chance to win a one-week trip to Thailand. This campaign was a great collaboration with Tourism Authority of Thailand, New York office. 30 customers participated, creating almost 60k impressions.

Campaign 10 : ThaiFood4Heroes This CSR campaign aimed to send encouragement to healthcare workers during the pandemic period. 74 Thai SELECT restaurants together delivered almost five thousand food boxes to medical workers from 74 hospitals.

Campaign 11 : Press Coverage 5 articles, in both English and Thai, were created by local media.

Campaign 12 : Digital Activities Facebook and Instagram activities created over 6 million impressions.

Campaign 13 : Digital Magazine - Time Out Special article and email blasts to magazine subscribers created over 13 million impressions. Campaign 14 : Digital Television - Turnstile Tours 'Turnstile Tours' program teaser created over 2 million impressions and almost 300k views of its teaser.

These campaigns by Thai Trade offices in the USA were a huge success as digital tools were effectively used when consumers spent most of their time on screens.