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Pad Thai Goong Sod (Fried noodles with peanut, egg and shrimp)

Pad Thai seasoning Ingredients
Fish sauce 2 Tablespoons
Palm sugar 2 Tablespoons
Tamarind juice 2 Tablespoons

Other ingredients
Narrow rice noodles 120 Grams
Yellow bean curd tofu ¼ Cup
Garlic 1 Teaspoon
Shallot 2 Teaspoons
Sweet pickled radish 2 Tablespoons
Dried shrimp 15 Grams
Egg 2 Bean sprouts 1 Cup
Chives ¼ Cup


Heat all seasoning sauce ingredients until boiling.

Stir Narrow rice noodles with water until soft and lumpy.

Stir fry yellow bean curd , dried shrimp , garlic, shallot, sweet pickled radish until fragrant.

Add noodles and seasoning mixture. Stir-fry until dry.

Add Egg, bean sprouts , chive and stir well. Spoon onto a serving plate.