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Som Tum, Kai Yang (Papaya Salad and Roast chicken)

Chicken 200 Grams
Coriander root Garlic Pepper pounded 1 Tablespoon
Coconut cream 3 Tablespoons
Liquor 1 Teaspoon

Seasoning Mixture Ingredients
Light soy sauce 2 Teaspoons
Seasoning sauce 2 Teaspoons
Oyster sauce 1 Teaspoon
Other Ingredients Glutinous rice 1 Cup

Thai papaya salad Ingredients
Small hot chilies 2
Garlic Small cloves 3 cloves
Dried shrimp 1 Tablespoon
Roasted peanut 1 Tablespoon
String bean ¼ Cup
Green papaya 100 Grams
Carrot 20 Grams Cherry tomato 2

Seasoning Mixture Ingredients
Fish sauce 2 Tablespoons
Palm sugar 2 Tablespoon
Stamarind juice 1 Teaspoon
Lime juice 2 Tablespoons


Marinate chicken with pound coriander root, garlic, pepper, coconut cream, liquor, and seasoning mixture ingredients for 30 minutes.

Grill chicken and sprinkle with marinated sauce until cooked.

Steamed sticky rice method
Steam sticky rice for 20 minutes Lift from heat and keep in closed container.

Thai Papaya Salad method
Pound garlic, small hot chilies, and dried shrimp roughly.

Add roasted peanuts, string bean and gently crush.

Add seasoning mixture ingredients and green papaya , carrot, and cherry tomatoes. Mix well.

Transfer onto the serving plate.